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Kahlua Cake (5)

Kahlua Pound Cake

Are you a coffee addict? Were you once a coffee addict and now you're recovering? In rehab maybe?  If you saw my Thai Curry Lentil Soup yesterday, you'll know that I am currently off caffeine. And dairy, carbs, refined sugar and anything fun, as a little challenge and to see how I feel after.     After a full day of headaches yesterday, I realised that what was probably causing them was my brain trying to claw itself out of my head screaming 'It's too hard in here without caffeine, I don't want to live anymore!'       Before, I never understood decaff coffee, surely the only reason people are drinking coffee is for the buzz?   This morning I was at the hospital to have some stitches removed and I realised why it exists. The whole room smelt of coffee and there was a coffee machine blinking at me in the corner, screaming for me to give in.    Decaff is for recovering addicts. I made my self a cup and felt a lot better. I tricked my ... read more

Cookie Love


Hot Chocolate Cookies and Sainsburys #Giveaway

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine. Or chocolate and marshmallows in this case. And shopping vouchers! If you’re anything like me then shopping for food at Christmas can be quite a stressful experience. I love food. I love shopping. Usually I love food shopping, but Christmas is hard work, and always costly. To help ease the […]