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Thai Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

         One of the first things I cooked often when I started uni was a Thai yellow curry, packed with baby sweetcorn and potatoes, and of course, coconut milk.    It's a far cry from the usual beans on toast or pasta that students are meant to make, but hey, I wouldn't be a food blogger if I didn't like to challenge myself.      My dad had come to visit me at uni, and we went to the Thai supermarket to go buy ingredients for so I could make a curry. I can remember standing in my first year apartment (4 years ago, ouch) and ringing him to ask how to make it. Dad's know everything don't they?   I made the mistake of sharing it with my friends and from then on was asked to make it ever since.     I'm getting all sentimental thinking about it now I'm a real adult (i.e. not a student and having a full time job), it's strange how food can evoke memories isn't it?     Since then I've ... read more

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Chocolate Fudge Cookie Cake

Two giant chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with chocolate fudge buttercream frosting. A great alternative to a traditional birthday cake or dessert. Well happy August everyone! My vegan month is officially over, but you haven’t seen the last of vegan recipes or products. I really learnt a lot from it.  However, today is not one […]