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{Vegan} Pina Colada Granola Bars

I've been thinking it's about time I got a super summery recipe up on the blog.  The weather has been amazing recently, really out of character for the UK. So out of character that I burnt the other day. Although not surprising when I'm pale and freckly. So what makes you think of summer?  BBQs? Freshly cut grass? Swimming? The beach? For me it's cocktails, preferably on the beach! But living in the centre of the UK I am the furthest point from the sea possible.  Despite the sunny weather, it turns out it's not acceptable to drink cocktails all day, everyday.  What's a girl to do?  Turn her favourite cocktail into a perfectly acceptable breakfast of course! Hello pina colada granola bars. I'm a genius, even if I do say so myself.  Chewy oaty granola bars with coconut and soft dried pineapple, held together with agave nectar and coconut oil.  You could even claim they're healthy? Okay, well healthier than processed store bought ... read more

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White Chocolate Banoffee Cookies

I made these cookies for a friend for saving my teapot.   That’s a pretty British sentence for a not very British cookie.  Why my teapot needed saving is a long story. I lived in a house  whilst I was on a working placement at university. I’m moving back to that house later this month […]