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Beer Battered Sweet Potatoes

Beer Battered Sweet Potatoes. Delicious soft and creamy sweet potatoes in a crispy beer batter. A delicious snack or starter, a hit with everyone. Um guys. These are kind of a big deal. I really hope you didn't make any new years resolutions involving cutting out fried food. You're about to break them. Soz.  January sucks. January sucks even more if you're trying to eat rabbit food (rich coming from a vegetarian, I know).  January should be 'eat ice cream in bed in your sweats' month, but instead everyone is hitting the gym and here I am dreaming up fried foods, but sometimes you just need a pig out. This January I have been lucky enough to get my first stitches. In my temple. It sucks. I tried to go back to work today, however my twitching, stretched (yep, got a free face lift) right eye wasn't having any of it. So instead I came home and watched TV, napped, got bored and decided to write this blog post up. In stages, because my computer hurts ... read more

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Hot Chocolate Cookies and Sainsburys #Giveaway

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine. Or chocolate and marshmallows in this case. And shopping vouchers! If you’re anything like me then shopping for food at Christmas can be quite a stressful experience. I love food. I love shopping. Usually I love food shopping, but Christmas is hard work, and always costly. To help ease the […]