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Butternut Squash, Parsnip and Apple Soup

Hello brisk chill in the air and dewy mornings.  Wait, no, hello Indian summer. It is warm today!    I thought when I made this soup that I'd be saying "it's officially cold and so I can make soup", but it's not cold. Not at all. However, the weather has never stopped me in the past and it won't stop me now. If I want to make ice cream in the cold and soup in the warm I will. Call me a maverick!   Soup is a great lunch to take to work.  I have this little soup pot that I'm far too excited about. You know your a foodie when a soup holder can genuinely make you smile, but I digress.     Where was I? It's hot, but I'm still making soup, because it's a good nutritious work lunch.  'What work?' I hear you cry. Well, I started my first real (after university) job a couple of weeks ago (*does back flip in celebration*). I'm doing marketing for a small company near where I live in the middle of England.  The fact ... read more

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Chocolate Fudge Cookie Cake

Two giant chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with chocolate fudge buttercream frosting. A great alternative to a traditional birthday cake or dessert. Well happy August everyone! My vegan month is officially over, but you haven’t seen the last of vegan recipes or products. I really learnt a lot from it.  However, today is not one […]