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Whittard Hot Chocolate Giveaway

Before you run away! This competition is open WORLDWIDE! Go ahead scroll down and enter to win some delicious British hot chocolate.        I really am living up to the British stereotype at the moment.   I CONSTANTLY talk about the weather, then I make soup, then I talk about the weather some more.   'Ooo isn't it cold?'    'It's not my fault I'm hungry all the time, I'm cold'    'Hot chocolate anyone?'   'Fancy some booze in that?'     Luckily I'm not the only one who feels like they need warming up and this month Whittard of Chelsea are having a hot chocolate month for October and I was lucky enough to receive some of their yummy goodies.   Whittard are known for their tea, but they also do other hot drinks and I was super excited to try them. I drink tea in force, like 10 cups a day at work, it's probably about time I branched out. Is too much tea bad for you? If it is, don't tell ... read more

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Chocolate Fudge Cookie Cake

Two giant chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with chocolate fudge buttercream frosting. A great alternative to a traditional birthday cake or dessert. Well happy August everyone! My vegan month is officially over, but you haven’t seen the last of vegan recipes or products. I really learnt a lot from it.  However, today is not one […]