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Vegan Tuck Box

Being a food blogger means that I get some pretty exciting things through my letter box.  This is one of the most exciting things I've received recently. My very own Vegan Tuck Box. Just look at all the goodies. Okay so pretty hard to photograph, but don't worry I'll show you each one.  I'm amazed by all the things you can get these days that are vegan!  Lets start with the basics. Chocolate! Before I started my vegan month I just presumed that all dark chocolate was vegan. I was totally wrong! Good job I realised. These little morsels of goodness are totally vegan and they are delicious. I couldn't read the packaging (it was in italian?), but when I bit into them they had a yummy nutella like centre. That will fix a chocolate craving! Now whilst not all dark chocolate is vegan, it's reasonably easy to find some that is.  But what about other types of chocolate, what about my favourite white chocolate? Don't worry, the tuck box has this ... read more

Cookie Love


White Chocolate Banoffee Cookies

I made these cookies for a friend for saving my teapot.   That’s a pretty British sentence for a not very British cookie.  Why my teapot needed saving is a long story. I lived in a house  whilst I was on a working placement at university. I’m moving back to that house later this month […]