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Meat Lover’s Vegetarian Bean Chilli (+ Giveaway)

This week was National Vegetarian Week. You'll have seen delicious dishes being made all week by bloggers, celebrity chefs and in your local restaurants and cafe's.  I thought it was about time I shared my favourite dish, and gave the opportunity to win some supermarket vouchers to create your own delicious vegetarian dish with Betta Living. Two weeks ago I moved into a little house of my own with my wonderful boyfriend.  After living with 21 people for the past 9 months, having a clean, organised kitchen of my own is amazing. I just want to cook all the time.    And I do cook all the time. I'm in charge of dinner time every night.  It's like being in the 50's, except there is no way I'm doing all the cleaning. We haven't really decided who is going to clean yet, meaning not a lot has got done. Cleaning just isn't as fun as cooking. Time to get a roomba I think. I love cooking dinner but the only trouble is, my boyfriend is a big time ... read more

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Hot Chocolate Cookies and Sainsburys #Giveaway

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine. Or chocolate and marshmallows in this case. And shopping vouchers! If you’re anything like me then shopping for food at Christmas can be quite a stressful experience. I love food. I love shopping. Usually I love food shopping, but Christmas is hard work, and always costly. To help ease the […]