21st Birthday Cookies

21st Birthday Cookies

Birthday Cookies!

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I bet you can’t guess what age I turned this weekend?


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Yes, that’s right, 23. 


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Only messing. Yesterday was my big two one. Not that it means a lot on the UK, but I certainly don’t need an excuse for a celebration. 

Nor do I need an excuse for brightly coloured birthday cookies. 


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These couldn’t be easier! Take your favourite sugar cookie recipe. Make up the dough. Split into 7 equal pieces and work in the one of the 7 colours of the rainbow into each separate piece of dough. 

Roll out each piece, cut into your desired shape and use number cutters to imprint an age. 


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Baking times will vary according to how big your shapes are and the thickness of the dough. Make sure they don’t go brown else the colours will change. Keep them slightly soft. 


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Left over dough that can’t make a full cookie? Take small balls of each leftover coloured dough and arrange them next to each other in a full circle. Roll over with a rolling pin and cut out the cookies the same way as before. Don’t do this too many times, else the colours will lose their definition and look murky.


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I would highly recommend gel food colours as opposed to liquid. I tried liquid with the blue dough and the colour wasn’t as sharp and it made my dough sticky. 

By all means use natural food colourings if you are making these for little ones. 


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So what else did I get up to? Well I had a lovely party and bbq at my parents house complete with a bouncy castle.

Below is my best friend and I at my party. We’ve known each other for 10 years now. Eek I feel old!


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All my family and friends went for foodie presents. Look at some of the great things I recieved!

2013 06 17 21st Birthday Cookies

 I had a fantastic 21st and thanks to all my friends and family who made it special.

I’m off to eat more cookies.