Confused English Girl: What Are Flamin Hot Cheetos?

Confused English Girl – Flamin Hot Cheetos

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So it’s a Monday night, i’m fresh in from work and i need a salty fix of bad food. 
So i turn to the giant box of American food that arrived last week for my friends birthday, and for me of course.
Cheetos.  35 bags of them in fact! Perfect! (He really likes Cheetos!)

Flamin Hot Cheetos

I’ve had Cheetos before. Mild flavoured cheesy puffs of corn. They used to sell them in the UK. What could be so different?
Boy was i wrong! These were Flamin Hot Cheetos and they were flaming red!



 Is it okay for any food to be this colour?


Flamin Hot Cheetos


After eyeing one up and giving it a sniff i bit the bullet.

 Flamin Hot Cheetos

Why is my mouth on fire!? What is this?



My eyes are watering! This is not attractive!

What i should have done before eating these was Google them! I know its all propaganda against unhealthy eating,  but the news headline ”Why Flamin Hot Cheetos are sending out kids to ER” may have stopped me from eating these. And they’re being banned from schools? And they might be addictive?

Just look at the colour of my hands!




Not so much of a successful Confused English Girl. I’m still confused! Why do people eat these?

Any suggestions of chips or savoury snacks from across the world i should  try in this series?

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  1. says

    Hahahahahaha, I love this post Miss Messy! Brilliant. I have never had the pleasure of a Flamin Hot Cheeto. I’m with you, any food that can send you to A&E is probably best avoided… I have my thinking cap on now for savoury snacks and chips…

  2. says

    I have never tried these before, but sometimes junk food is totally necessary. More foods for you to try? Fritos are pretty tasty. Sour Skittles are one of my new favorite candies. And I’m a cereal junkie. I think Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries is my fave.

    • Miss Messy says

      I’ve heard of fritos. Think i might try and get some :) I couldn’t get cap’n crunch no matter how hard i tried, but i have apple jacks and lucky charms to try! :)


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